Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sichuan earthquake paintings - Protrait 06

Protrait 06 done in for my bigger artwork for tribute to the victims of earthquake. The link to the final artwork here.

Short description: He's sometime stumble, and has a tired looking eyes, but always walked non-stop around different hospital wards, for his appearance always managed to give the victims in hospital some sense of peace. In the frontline of affected areas of Sichuan earthquake, amongst the white clothed warriors, you will find a elderly with a hearing aid, carrying a crutch for himself. He is Lu Shi Bi, 79-year-old orthopedic Professor of the PLA General Hospital. In his 50 years of medical career, this is the 4th time he is involved in earthquake relief. Since May 14. Dr Lu along with the medical team of experts has checked more than 600 wounded. Yet He still complained of walking too slow himself: "if i can walk faster, i can save even more people."