Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We Humans - Remember the Christmas Truce

Its Art - We Humans Contest

An artpiece I done for a contest at Its Art forums. Results are out, didn't win but I'm still glad to have made this piece. :)

Christmas of the First world war on 25th December 1914,
an amazing cessation of hostilities happened at the region of Ypres, Belgium, where soldiers of both British and German spontaneously stopped killing, and began an unofficial truce.

It was started by the lower ranks, where German troops decorated their trenches, lighting candle light on small christmas branches, began singing Christmas Carols together through the distant trenches, putting up signboards to communicate. Many British soldiers couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the first few German soldiers exposing themselves out of the trenches, standing without any arm with hands in the air waving and asking the enemy not to shoot. Eventually many of the British did the same and they met up together at the No Man's Land. They shook hands, exchanging gifts like coins, buttons, pipe, beef, jam, sausage, chocolate, cigarettes, tobacco, wine, family photo, Princess Mary christmas box, and christmas pudding. The first thing they did together was to bury all the dead.

Many records also state a football match of German winning 3-2, and a barber shaving heads of all soldiers, performances of clown-juggling, music from violin/ highlander pipes, singing and taking photos together the No man's land.

It is said that the last man who took part has also passed away - But we shall not forget the peace and goodwill that humans longed for. This a a moment of humanity that shows that we humans aren’t made evil or to kill, even soldiers at war are the same; the truce just goes to show just how fragile all the hate is. I used a caricature and happier, surreal style to fit in my characters, and covering the whole part of my painting with happier mood. It has 14 characters inside meaning 1914 and different character poses has its meaning. Peace symbols were also used alot, like etc dove, peace, broken rifle.

The main British lieutenant and German officer that flows out of map, and looking up, represents hope and warm for the countries in war. The german officer is older and is also my tribute to the past soldiers and imagine how one would have looked like when looking back at this event, if they were alive. The two hands represent the evil side of we humans where the rich and powerful/politics were evil, introducing terrible weapons like poison gas and tanks, making a war-torn europe, thus turning into a world war I, and following the world War II with millions of death. If only they stopped the whole war at the christmas truce.

My Work in progress here - We Humans - The Christmas Truce - Eonridr WIP

Please look at close-up shots of my work

I have been researching on humans, history, war and stuff, but same time I wanted to do something happy, yet ironic and about humans, as a whole. That when I found out about this amazing event that actually happened - The Christmas Truce. I've never heard of anything like this, It remains as a most touching story for me, a non-christian and I decided to depict this for the We Humans Contest at

We humans should really remember the christmas truce, the humanity & the mixed emotions of soldiers behind it in this world. Finally I hope no one is offended in anyway, and thanks all for looking.