Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amber Songsin of Plate Dragon

Hi all,

Character design - Her name is Amber Songsin (安伯宋茜).

She was raised in the swordsaint village, a secret, elite village, in which all the villagers are strong swordmasters, and more than capable of just defending their grounds in the chaotic world. Within these swordsmasters, there is a hierachy system where the “dragon-born” will lead the battles because of their potentials and bloodline.

Amber didn't liked swordsplay, but her talent soon revealed as she grew older. Not only can she summon her plate dragon, who is excellent in defensive operations, she was able to use magic, a skill that no swordsmasters could learn, and write enchantments (fire or water only) on her sword. This day, she rides her plate dragon (head) out to engage in a naval battle.

In short, she is - The dragongirl with magical powers! :)

I wanted to create a character for some time, this time with the help of Seventh Sanctum, I got the basic idea starting out. The dragon head was modelled in 3ds max without texture then painted over. Thank you very much for looking, please give me suggestions and critques. ( I wasn't 100% satisfied but I guess I had to move on) :)

some closeups: