Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mars Colony - Digital Matte Painting

Please see the large version =)

The humans with their latest technology is happy to live in mars. They strive to build and create a beautiful environment to live in, with green trees and good scenery just like in earth, that is why they make a great effort to create a very transparent and beautiful greenhouse.

The green house is designed in a bubble / crystal like way, shaped like a part of a sphere siting on a platform on mars. The platform supports the glass and contains the plants in a comfortable environment to live in. The trees were easily visible through the high technology green house.

Other plants like cactus also seem strong enough to live on their own on the planet mars after some attempts by the humans. The colony fast expanded due to the overwhelming need for extra space after earth is fully occupied.

Thanks for viewing! I'm gonna build a series of digital matte paintings, More to come soon =)

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