Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick Sketch - Warrior

Lately I have decided to train another aspect of my drawing/painting skills by going back to drawing using my mechanical pencil, and also painting quick sketches, (also called speed painting i think).

Reason being very simple.. my roots are still not firm enough and i really need to build up some decent skills in conceptual sketches which i'm really lacking now.

So lately i've been looking at Feng Zhu and Jason Chan's dvd tutorials. After looking at how Jason Chan finished his quick sketch under 3 hours, I decided to try myself too. I had so much fun now i think I'll keep on doing these for quite a while. I set my time limit to 3 hours.. but i have a rough start so i only finished at 4 hours

Technical information:
Done in Adobe Photoshop CS 3, wacom tablet, 2104 X 3165 resolution. No reference.

Comments and critques are welcomed