Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Sketch – Robot Race

Ok a short concept- war is over and old robots had no more use.. they were labelled as useless metal. Humans didn't want to recycle all of them straight... they thought it'll be fun to hold a race everytime.. and only the winner of the race is able to avoid the cruel fade. Thats why every race was very intense. As time passes by.. all the robots were recycled.. and thus robot race is ended as just a memory.


I’ve been learning my driving the theory tests and before my Advanced theory test I have to watch Initial D: Fourth Stage Anime to get myself more interested and study.. lol.. I’m just not the type of guy that’s really into cars. If I wanna drive I wanna drive a robot! I seldom draw or paint robots, gonna draw more of these in future.

Technical information:

Done in Adobe Photoshop CS 3, wacom tablet, 2104 X 2944 resolution. Few robot figuring used as reference. Comments, critques and any suggestions to help this artwork would be much appreciated.